Sweet - Igniter II Helmet

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Lightweight and highly ventilated hard shell helmet. Sweet presents to you the Igniter MIPS Helmet from Sweet Protection.

The Igniter MIPS is using ABS superlight shell technology and the unique Impact Shields for optimal protection performance. Furthermore, it comes with a Performance Interior, making it easier to fasten and adjust.

The helmet is Audio Ready, and Smart's Audio Chips can be bought as additional gear.


  • Lightweight and low volume hard shell helmet.
  • Impact Shields; premium impact protection technology distributing impacts from the inside over a larger area in crucial zones.
  • Optimal ventilation.
  • Comfortable interior, with easy turn-dial adjustment
  • Magnetic buckle for safety and easy operation.
  • Listen to your favorite music with the Audio Ready system (Sound Chips are sold separately!)
  • Removable earpads