Custom Ski Boot Fittings

Custom Ski Boot Fittings - FAQs

🤔 Ski Boot Fitting - Why Do I Need It?

Any reputable ski shop will tell you that your ski boots are the most important piece of ski equipment. There's even an old saying that goes, "Date your skis, but marry your boots."

If your boots aren't comfortable, you simply will not enjoy yourself on the slopes.

Since no two feet are perfectly identical, it's not enough to start using your ski boots right out of the box.

In short, we strongly recommend that you get your ski boots custom fitted by an expert.

🔑 5 Key Benefits of an Expert Ski Boot Fitting

  1. Eliminate foot pain for good
  2. Stop the sensation of cold feet
  3. Improved edge control
  4. Increased comfort while you ski
  5. Better performance on the slopes

🎿 Can I Custom Fit My Own Ski Boots?

Expert ski boot fitters like ours are formally trained in custom ski boot fittings. We use special equipment—like footbeds—to accurately measure your feet.

We also know what to look for in terms of boot performance (materials, flex, etc.) to help you match your goals on the slopes.

Think of an expert boot fitter as someone who can bring both an art and a science together to make sure you get the most out of your ski boots.

Unless you have direct access to these kinds of tools & expertise, you should not attempt to custom fit your own ski boots. Call a pro 😉

🛍️ Will You Custom Fit My Ski Boots If I Bought Them At Another Store?

We will absolutely custom fit your ski boots, even if you bought them at another store. At Rick's, we care about your skiing experience—not where you bought your boots.

If your ski boots are uncomfortable, contact us. Our experts are down-to-earth and we're always here to help you get the precise fit you need to be your best on the snow.

Brody custom fitting ski boots for a customer