A man tuning a pair of skis in a pro ski shop

All of our ski tunes are professionally done and hand-finished.

Hand-finishing our tunes is a traditional method that we've carried on since Karl Zotter brought it to The Blue Mountains from Austria when he opened his ski shop in the 1960s.

Since then, we've introduced some new school methods to keep up with the times.

We also specialize in race tunes.

How To Book A Tuneup

Tunes are accepted via drop-in only. You're welcome to contact us if you have any questions beforehand:

Tel: 705-444-5525
Email: hello@ricksproshop.ca


Single Tuning $40.00 / Pair of Skis
Single Hand Race Tune $65.00 / Pair of Skis
12 Tunes $350.00 / Any Skis / Season
Race Wax $10.00 / Pair of Skis 

How To Find Us

Rick's Pro Ski Shop
796 466 Grey County Rd. 19
The Blue Mountains, ON, Canada
L9Y 0N6

Questions? Contact Us

Tel: 705-444-5525
Email: hello@ricksproshop.ca