Nordica - WILD BELLE DC 84 23/24

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Take control of the entire mountain with Nordica’s all-new Wild Belle DC84. Equipped with a wider waist, this all-mountain ski provides female skiers with the confidence they need to tackle any terrain and all conditions.

For a calm yet playful and powerful ride that’s stable at any speed, Nordica’s new Double Core technology features a shock-absorbing Pulse core embedded between two wood cores.

A shorter binding plate maximizes performance by making it easier to flex the ski and initiate turns.

And by lowering the position of the rear plate, Nordica’s Natural Stance technology provides a more natural, centered position that boosts control. Discover your potential—and embrace the entire mountain—with Nordica’s Wild Belle DC84.


The Double Core technology plays with different layers of material and is able to satisfy even the most demanding skiers.

In Nordica's Double Core Energy construction the Pulse Core, contained between the two wooden cores, is made of rubber to minimize vibration.

  • intuitive performance
  • a design that improves control and response
  • flexibility adapted to the needs of all skiers


Designing skis built specifically for women, allowed us to perfect the mounting position to be tailored specifically for women’s anatomical needs.

Nordica lowered the binding's heel by 2mm, allowing the skier to hold a more natural and centered position.

  • perfect balance
  • improved ski driving

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