Elan - PLAYMAKER 91 23/24

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The Swiss army knife of freeride twins, Playmaker 91 is narrow enough to slash through tight trees, wide enough to surf through new snow, and playful enough to drop into the terrain park on a sunny afternoon with your squad.

The narrower footprint of Playmaker 91 gives this ski the versatility to leave it's mark in any conditions. The Tubelite Woodcore uses carbon rods to give this ski a smooth, poppy, and playful personality while 3D trapezoid construction provides a light and powerful feel.

The 360° sidewall delivers superior edge grip and is combined with the smooth rocker profile and tip & tail shapes of Dual Float Technology for peak flotation that can still carve exceptionally.

Whether you're lapping the park and pipe with friends, dicing up hardpack between storms, or scoring freshies, this is the utility player you're looking for to make plays wherever you're finding fun on the mountain.


  • Excellent Versatility in any terrain & conditions
  • Good Flotation
  • Powerful Edge Grip
  • Surfy Turn Entry & Exit
  • Playful & Poppy Rebound
  • Stability at all speeds and turn shapes
  • Technology: High Speed Gliding Base, Carbon rods, Tubelite Woodcore, Dual Float Technology, 360 Sidewall
  • 3D shape - 10% less materials used
  • Recycled reinforcement materials
  • Reduced ABS
  • Maximum use of the wood
  • 100% green energy in the production process
  • More than 70% of the ski volume is made from natural and recycled materials (applies to all SW skis with a wood core)*
  • Environmentally friendly printing technology. Graphics are produced using digital print technology that is environmentally friendly and VOC-free

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