Youth (ages 12 - 16) Ski Rental Package

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This ski rental package for youth aged 12-16 includes:

  • Skis
  • Ski boots
  • Ski helmet
  • Ski poles

Skier Ability Levels


Beginners are still learning the basics. They’re working towards having full control of their movement and total confidence on their skis, so they’ll need a ski that’s flexible and forgiving.


These skiers are now pretty comfortable and adept on their skis. They can gain a good amount of speed when skiing. However, they may still have trouble with tougher terrains.


Even in less than ideal weather or on rough terrain, advanced skiers are confident and in control thanks to their solid ski skills.


Experts can ski in any snow condition and terrain, all while maintaining total control of themselves at high speeds. Experts need stiff ski boots that can truly handle speed and precision.

How To Measure Your Helmet Size

You will need:

  • A soft tape measure (think IKEA or a sewing tape measure) OR a piece of string/twine/yarn
  1. Wrap the soft tape measure or the string around your head about an inch above your eyebrows or just above your ears. This is the widest part of your head.
  2. Take note of the size of your head in CM (centimeters).
  3. Refer to the table below to convert the CM into your helmet size.
Helmet Size Size Range
XS 51cm or less
S 51 - 55cm
M 55 - 59cm
L 59 - 63cm
XL 63cm or more