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Slytech BackPro One Naked is a cost-effective solution that still provides the best protection and comfort tradeoff in the market.

Its design features a low profile protector with a belt connector to ensure perfect placement. It also offers a MULTI IMPACT solution that adapts intelligently to different forces and speeds of impact.


  • Shred's back protectors meet and exceed the highest levels of European Standards (EN 1621-2:Level 2).

  • Belt connector - keep everything in place with durable velcro to be positive all your protection stays where it should.

  • 3 points belt - A premium belt design with multiple options for regulating the tension for maximum back support and size adjustment. Connects perfectly with GRIP-ON shoulder straps for a seamless functionality of the protector system.

  • Shred has carefully engineered all of their SLYTECH 2ND SKiN™ protectors to work with one another as part of our Modular Protection Concept. You can buy and use each piece individually or combine protectors to create a full-body system that protects you from head to toe without sacrificing comfort, flexibility, and most importantly protection.

  • Hardware free - to keep their protective products completely flexible and comfortable, we avoid hard plastic components.

  • Toxic-Free - Shred's SLYTECH 2ND SKiN™ XT foam compound is completely free from Formamide, a toxic chemical usually found in similar compounds, non-allergenic, and does not contain harmful substances.

  • MultiImpact - The shock absorbing element is designed to withstand multiple impacts, whether they are in quick succession on a slam or over the lifetime of the product. By returning to its original shape after impact, the protector is able to once again effectively able to absorb new shocks.

  • No-Season - providing year-round comfort and multisport ultimate protection.

How To Size Your Back Protector