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The crown-wearing queen of power, precision, the Insomnia Elite is packed with edge-to-edge quickness, stability and carving capability of all turn shapes. This endowed prodigy is guaranteed to leave arcs in the corduroy, no matter the shape or speed of your turn.

Insomnia Elite is built with the most advanced women’s asymmetrical ski design; Amphibio Truline W Technology. The foundation has a leaner, more agile profile, allowing for quick turn perfection.

Structural reinforcement is strategically placed over the full length of the inside edge, providing more confidence and stability to power the turn. The lean-but-mean, 71mm waist-width ski is designed to optimize the input from the skier to create a maximum output of strength, quickness and grace in every turn and all conditions found on the mountain.

The Amphibio Truline W Technology compliments the skis’ laminated wood core with a single layer of Ti for a powerful rebound with an uncompromised grip.


  • Fast Edge to Edge
  • Powerful Rebound
  • Precise Turn Entry & Exit
  • Responsive and versatile
  • Razor thin profile
  • Light weight


  • Mono Ti
  • Laminated Woodcore
  • Amphibio TruLine Technology
  • RST Sidewall

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