Elan - Explore 6 Green LS EL 9.0 2020

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The Elan Explore 6 Green LS ski with EL 9.0 bindings comes with everything you need to race down the slopes in style.

These skis are made with a Light Shift Plate System that uses a free flex plate-in-plate design to maximize performance with less energy. This coincides with the parabolic rocker profile, which means making turns takes less effort.

The Syn-flex Technology is a lightweight, synthetic core that varies the densities along the length of the ski to help distribute flexibility throughout. Fiberglass reinforcements enhance the ski's torsional stiffness to improve its durability and toughness.

These are an awesome-looking pair of skis‚ÄĒand they perform even better than they look.


  • Profile: Parabolic Rocker
  • Technology: GrooveTip Technology, Full Power Cap, Mono Woodcore
  • Geometry: 122/74/103
  • Length radius:¬†140 (10.3), 146 (11.3), 152 (12.4), 160 (13.9), 168 (15.4)
  • System/Plate: Light Shift
  • Binding: EL 9.0 SHIFT GW